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Flight School

Everyone starts their drone journey with the basics we teach in drone flight school which is a 20-hour week-long course designed for groups of ten or more students. It is perfectly suited for summer camps and after-school programs. The curriculum covers essential skills and knowledge needed to become a proficient and responsible drone pilot. Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on developing soft skills, promoting ethical conduct, nurturing character development, and stimulating critical thinking abilities.

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Drone 1-Day Camp

Is a one day three (3) hour session that immerses students in various activities. The primary emphasis is on ensuring safety and understanding flight protocols, including teamwork dynamics, navigational terminology, and a comprehensive Pre-Flight Checklist.

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Part 107 Test Prep

Drone Force Indiana offers a Part 107 test preparation course designed to equip students to be confident in taking the FAA certification examination to become certified drone pilots.

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Advance Aerial Training

Drone Force Indiana offers training, skills, and hands-on experience to both current and prospective drone pilots, whether individuals or organizations, enabling them to operate drones proficiently.

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